designplus, founded by Ken Sanders, is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) company based in Port Coquitlam B.C.

What we do........
We take the idea that's floating around in your head or sketched on a piece of paper and bring it into reality. It can be anything from a small plastic part, manual or automated assembly equipment, jigs and fixtures to an electronic or medical device.
Once the design is finalised we can do an FEA to give you the peace of mind that your
product is not going to fail under the stresses and strains it might be subject to.
Upon completion we give you a full documentation package of Engineering drawings,
BOM's, all the CAD files and any CAM files you need for prototyping or manufacturing.

How we do it........
1. Have our Industrial Designer meet up with you and sketch out ideas or help you develop them.
2. Meet up with our Mechanical Designers and discuss the sketches you already have.


please contact us for any further information
email us

Where we do it........
Design is done either on site at your facility using our equipment, or yours, or at our location.

What software we use........
Our software of choice is SolidWorks, a very versatile package that can import and export files in a variety of formats. We have experience with AutoCAD and are familiar with Pro Engineer, Industrial Design work is mainly done with Vellum Solids and for any FEA (Finite Element Analysis) we use Cosmos.

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